Lab Equipment

ALESS Lab Rental Equipment

You may borrow the following equipment from the ALESS Lab after consulting upon your experiment plan with one of our TAs and your ALESS instructor. To borrow equipment, make a formal request to your ALESS instructor as soon as possible.

Below is a list of equipment available to use (be aware that equipment amount is restricted, and that equipment might be borrowed by another group).

List of equipment (copy and paste this link):

  • All
  • Air Quality • 空気
  • Body • 身体
  • Distance • 長さ
  • Electromagnetism • 電磁気
  • Light • 光
  • Liquids • 液体
  • Optical • 光学
  • Solids • 個体
  • Sound • 音
  • Temperature • 温度
  • Tool • 道具
  • Weight • 重量