ALESS: A Collection of Student Papers, Issues 2017-2024

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2024 [LINK]

8   Comparing the Biodiversity of Plant Species in Urban and Rural Areas
13  The Relationship Between English Proficiency and Second Foreign Language Interests: The Case of Japanese University Students
20  Larger Sliding Velocity Decreases the Period of Stick-slip Motion of Dotted Lines Drawn with Chalk on Chalkboards
25  Relationship between Color Preference and Personality
30  Inhibitory Salinity Effects on Lettuce Seed Germination with Little Harm to Viability
36  Evaluating Shock-Absorbing Capacity of Dilatant Fluids with Coefficient of Restitution
42  The Relationship Between Individual Preference for Spectating Sports and Proficiency in Participating Sports
48  The Komaba Campus of the University of Tokyo, Japan, The Relationship between Listening to Music and Stress Level
54  The Relationship Between Sports and Sleep Quality

2023 [LINK]

7   The Effect of Commuting Time on Students’ Arrival at School
13  The Relationship Between Japanese Writing Systems and Short-Term Memory in Japanese University Students
18  The Allelopathic Effect of Calyxes and Petals of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) on the Germination and Growth of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. Crispa)
24  The Effect of Cacao Content Rate on the Viscosity of Molten Dark Chocolate
28  Relationship Between Knowledge of Insects and Experiences of Nature with Insect Phobia: Exploring Measures to Overcome, Alleviate and Prevent Insect Phobia
35  Relationship Between the Number of Cervus nippon yakushimae and the Size of Plant Leaves in Yakushima
41  Impact of Chronic Partial Sleep Restriction on Behavioral Inhibition
48  The Komaba Campus of the University of Tokyo, Japan, as a Unique Environment to Think about Biodiversity
58  Confirming Newton’s Law by Using Video Modeling Tool Tracker
64  No Relationship between Type of Residence and Sleep Quality


2022 [LINK]

9   The Relationship Between the Habit of Listening to Music While Studying and Cognitive Function
15  The Influence of the Engagement in Social Network Service on Behaviors in Online Communications
21  Mirror-Drawing: The Factors Which Affect Bilateral Transfer
28   Negative Correlation Between Biodiversity and the Amount of Soil Salinity in Australia
36   Negative Relationship Between Screen Time and Sleep
42   The Correlation Between Prior Music Practice, Daily Music Listening and Working Memory Among University Students
48   Relationship Between Milk Intake, Genetics, Sleep Habits, and Height
54  The The Effect of Urbanization on the Pupil-Teacher Ratio  
59   Effect of Granular Materials as Fillers in the Bottle Flip Challenge
65   The Effect of the Language of the Lyrics of Background Music on Human Calculation Performance
72  Correlation Between COVID-19 Infection and the Frequency of Eating Out in Tokyo


2021 [LINK]

5   Relationship between Non-exercise Activity while Sitting and Energy Expenditure
9  Usefulness of Fasting Blood Glucose Test for Mass Screening for Diabetes: Assessing with T-test and ROC curve
14  The Relationship between Sleep Quality and Amount of Face-to-face and Non-face-to-face Communication
18   Relationship Between the Distribution of Multi-purpose Toilets and the Number of Physically Disabled People in Tokyo
23   The Relation Between Habitual Caffeine Consumption and Cognitive Ability
28   The Different Factors in Deforestation by Income-level in African Nations
36   The Relationship Between Time-Management and the Scores of College Entrance Exams
42  The Relationship Between the Color of Cloth and Its Light-Blocking Effect 
41   The Difference of the Laterality of English Word Recognition between Japanese Speakers and English Speakers
48   Allelopathic Effect of White Clover on Germination of Basil and Little Fingers Carrot
52   The Relation between Handedness and Earphone Detachment
61  Gender-specific Differences in Household Temperature Preference and Thermal Sensitivity


2020 [LINK]

8 The Tendency of Japanese Students to Overestimate Their Knowledge of Familiar Objects
14 One Possibility of the Effect of the Eye on a Living Thing’s Shape Memory
19 A Ping Pong Ball Rotation Affects the Bouncing Sound
23 The Thread and Weaving of Fabrics Have Significant Effects on Water-Repellency
29 The Most Ideal Way to Grate Japanese Radish for Taste and Good Health
34 Effects of NaCl Concentration in Water on the Reproduction of Pisum Sativum L.
38 The Factor Which Causes Complex Earphone Knots
42 The Relationship Between the Color of Cloth and Its Light-Blocking Effect 
46 Antibacterial Effect of Wasabi Paste on Bacillus Subtilis var. Natto
50 The Relation Between the Behavior of Square Cuboidal Dice and Shape or Density
56 The Effect of the Salience of a Single Dimension on the Simon Effect
61 The Influence of Change in Temperature and Size on Weight Loss of Daikon in Defrosting Process


2019 [LINK]

8 Clothing and the Role it Plays in Blocking Ultraviolet Light
15 The Effects of Ethylene on Bean Sprouts’ Growth
19 Alignment of English Words Affects their Recognition
23 Moderate Agar Concentration Enhances Lettuce and Cress Sprouts’ Growth
29 The Relation Between Dust Adhesion to Five Metal Plates and their Mass Density
34 The Larger Size of the Container Accelerates the Solution Velocity of Baking Soda
38 Best Ratio of Pectin to Citric Acid in Retaining Moisture
42 The Effect of Magnetic Fields on Ice Melting
46 Timing of Adding Sugar Affects the Foamability of Meringue
51 The Effect of Depth on Visual Memory
56 The Effect of Water Hardness on the Turbidity of Water-Soap Solution
61 The Best Fit Function for the Velocity of Falling Droplets with Different Viscosities


2018 [LINK]

7 Microplastic Emissions According to Fabric Type 11 The Effect of Water Hardness on Amylase Activity
15 A Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Based Approach to Identify Fruits in a Simulated Supermarket Environment 
19 Quantitative Correlations between Phototropism and Gravitropism in White Radish Sprouts
25 Constant Reward Leads to Success
29 Tensile Strength of a Chloroprene Rubber Sheet Affects Water Drop Impact
35 The Effect of Background Music on Visual Memory
38 Observation of Eyes with Ordinary Video Cameras for Video Game Evaluation
47 The Relationship Between pH and Pollen Tube Growth in Toad Lilies (Tricyrtis hirta)
52 The Optimal Wind Turbine Layout with Obstacles for Better Efficiency
61 The Effect of the Topography of the Nagasaki Peninsula on Tsunami Damage Prevention  


2017 [LINK]

8 Preference for Question Style Differs According to Content
14 Noise-cancelling Earplug Accuracy Depends on Materials and Tone of Noise
19 Using a Smartphone Decreases the Area of Field of Vision
23 Does Pen Spinning Disturb Others?
28 The Allelopathic Effect of Crude Flower Extract of Goldenrod (Solidago altissima) on the Germination of its Own Seeds
34 The Effect of Temperature on Dilatant Fluids of Various Concentration
39 The Effect on Corrosion of SUS304 Stainless Steel Regarding Seven Types of Solutions
44 The Effect of Water Conditions on Absorption into Cotton Fabrics
48 The Effects of Heating Rate and Container Type on the Quality of Microwave Popcorn