Komaba Writers' Studio (KWS)

Komaba Writers’ Studio (KWS) was launched in 2008 as a pilot project associated with the Active Learning for Science Students (ALESS) Program, but now serves students in the sciences and humanities alike. The goal was, and remains, to help students improve their writing through discussion rather than correction. Bi- and multilingual tutors undergo regular training to guide students via questioning rather than direct instruction. Tutorials are available in both Japanese and English.

In addition to writing tutorials, KWS also conducts a range of other activities to help first-year students with their English. Speaking tutorials aid students in the development of skills ranging from daily conversation to the discussion of academic topics. Students are also invited to practice their class presentations at KWS and receive feedback from tutors. From humble beginnings in a small office with a handful of tutors, KWS has grown to more than twenty tutors occupying a prime location on the ground floor of the KOMCEE East building. Looking to the future, we have high aspirations to become an even more integral part of the student experience at Komaba.