Pensado, Issues 2014-2023

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2023 [LINK]

5  The Crimson Pleasure: A Comparative Analysis of Wine-Drinking in the Iliad and the Odyssey
9  A Voyage of Two Ships Through Time: A Chronological Study of Descriptions of The Fighting Temeraire in the Press
13  The Initiation of Death and Rebirth The Meaning of “Lion-killing” in the Shishimai in Japan
17  The Origins of Mosques in Japan and Their Connection with Politics and Empire in the 1930s
22  Better Conservation With Local Residents in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
26  What Value Does Margaret Mead’s Coming of Age in Samoa Have in the Study of Cultural Anthropology?
29  FGM From a Women’s Rights Perspective: Shunsuke Ibi
32 The Selective Surname System in Japan: The History, the Current Situation, and the Evaluation of Major Opposing Arguments Against the System
35  How to Make a Childcare-Friendly Working Environment in Japan: Breaking the Vicious Cycle Between Gender Division of Labor and the Gender Gap in Working Conditions
40  How Can Japan Increase the Number of Women in Full-time Regular Employment?
44  The Forgotten Mother Tongue: CLD Children’s Predicament in Japan
49  The Most Effective Way of Giving the Entrance Address at a University
53  Who Am I Now? (As a Writer)

2022 [LINK]

5  恥 The Nature of Haji in Japan
9  Modern Girls in Shanghai Working Women, Political Activists, and the Femme Fatales
13  The Effect of Van Cliburn’s Win on Cold War Tension
16  Reframing “Cultural Diplomacy” in International Relations The Role of K-pop in South Korean-Japanese Relations
20  A Comparison of Coca-Cola Commercials between Japan and the United States
24  The Role of Systemic Racism in Contributing to the Disproportionately High Rate of Black Homelessness in California
28  Beyond “Closing the Gap” Wellbeing as a Holistic Concept to Improve Health Policy for Australian Aborigines
32  Peer Tutoring System and Developmental Disabilities
34  Why should University-Based Continuing Care Retirement Communities be Promoted in Japan?
39  Comparing Geothermal Energy in Japan and the Philippines What Can Japan Do to Improve Generation?
43  Problems with Japan’s Policies on CO2 Reduction and Suggestions Focusing on Emissions from Cars
47  Determining Factors of Self-control

2021 [LINK]

5   Thinking by Writing as Much as Thinking to Write
8   Haussmann and Art: Modern Beauty in Paris in the Late Nineteenth Century after the Reconstruction
13  René Sieffert’s Role in the History of the Understanding of Noh in France
17  Is Japan’s Education Towards Foreigners Sufficient? State Intervention Versus Community Support
21  Teacher Gender Balance: Why Japan Has the Smallest Proportion of Female Teachers in Senior High School among OECD Countries
24  Fashion Moving Beyond the Gender Binary
28  Current Problems with Braille Blocks in Japan and Possible Solutions
32  The Role of the Internet in the Umbrella Revolution
35  The Role of ICT in Africa’s Sustainable Development
38    Should Sri Lanka Hold a Referendum to Determine Its Future Relationship with Chinese Investment?
42  Human Rights in a Data-Driven Society
47  The Conservation, not the Elimination, of Great White Sharks for the Marine Ecosystem

2020 [LINK]

5     Online Shows and Crowdfunding Success: An Analysis of Critical Role
8     Positive and Negative Images of Black Africans in Saint Maurice by Lucas Cranach the Elder
12   New Media as a Tool for Coming Out as LGBTQ+
18   Coping With the Influx of Loanwords in the Japanese Language
21   Fixed or Changeable? – Kokugo, Dialects, and Identity Formation in Japan
25   Benefits of Museums for Local Community: Rethinking the Value of Cultural Settlement
29   Kizuna and Group Consciousness in Japan: Social Disconnections After the 3.11 Earthquake
33   The Question of Banning the Use of Animals in Cosmetic Testing in Japan
37   The Politics of Fashion in North Korea
40   The Rise of Populists in Hungary and Poland
44   How Public-Private Partnerships Should Be Promoted to Solve Social Problems in Japan
48   Religious Education in Japanese Secondary Schools Drinkers in French and Japanese Paintings

2019 [LINK]

2     Urban Community Gardens as a Solution of Food Problems in Japan
6     Increasing Participation in Japan Elections With Internet Voting Systems
10   Supporting Older Drivers Is Necessary
14   Did the Incorporation of National Universities Improve Their Academic Level?
18   Solutions to Mental Health Problems and School Counseling in Japanese Education
22   Sexism Towards Victimized Women: The Reality of Restrictions on Women in the Name of Protection
26   Understanding the Reality of the Gender Digital Divide: What It Is, and What Can Be Done
30   Problems in Japanese Education Relating to LGBT Issues and Possible Solutions
34   The Social Game of the French Courtesan: Rethinking Demimondaine in Contrast With Japanese Geisha
38   The Impact of Music on Our Life
42   Brueghel See, Brueghel Do? The Intentions Behind Pieter Brueghel the Younger’s Painting Based on His Father’s Drawing of the Seven Acts of Mercy
46   Is Neural Machine Translation (NMT) the Remedy or the Poison? NMT’s Potential to Remove Inequality Caused by English Dominance

2018 [LINK]

6     Dream or Nightmare? The Development of Human Genetic Engineering and Its Future
9     Can the UN and Other NGO Educational Programs in Developing Countries Be Considered Economic, Social and Cultural Invasion?
12   Japanese Disaster Education
15   The Influence of Social Networking Services (SNS) on Tourists’ Authentic Experience
18   What Attitude Should Japan Take Toward Peacekeeping Operations?
22   The Golden Ratio in Ni Zan’s The Jung-Hsi Studio
26   Edible Flowers: Cultural Significance and Health Benefits
30   Orientalism in Children’s and Household Tales: Otherness and National Identity
33   The Japanese Homeless Issue
35   Humour as an Impetus for the LGBT Movement
37   Between Nationalism and Realism: The Economic Prospects and Legitimacy of Democracy in Catalonia’s Secession

2017 [LINK]

6     The Prospect of History Education in Japan
9     Can the Reform of the University Entrance Examinations Succeed?
12   Revising History: The Story of Rosa Parks
14   A ‘Tolkienian Renaissance’: The Restoration of the Nobler Elves
17   The Bright Side of GMOs: GMOs as a Solution to Food Shortages in Developing Countries
20   Children’s Vaccination: Collective Good or Freedom of Choice?
23   “Feed Me”: Gender Discriminative Discourses in Japanese Online Video Advertisements
26   Is It Just Internet Slang? Twitter’s Influence on Language Spoken Offline
29   Tips for Uncritical Readers: Influence of Cultural Nationalism in Media Coverage
32   Why Okinawans Feel the U.S. Base Problem Is Not Understood by People in the Mainland
35   We Are More Than Inspirational: Disability and the Media
37   The Limit to Religious Satire
39   Reintegration Into Society: The Role of Work Programs in Prison as Rehabilitation
41   Up-to-Date Deterrent to Elderly Crime: Prison No Longer Effective?
44   The Appropriateness of Juvenile Laws

2016 [LINK]

6     Are Military Drones Justifiable?
8     Rewarded Organ Donation
11   “Deliberate Indifference”
13   Karoshi
16   Financial Aid in Japan
18   Manga and 3.11
21   The 3.11 Earthquake and “Self-Praising Programs”
24   The Real Dream Commercial
26   Gender Stereotypes and Academic Background
29   Fatherhood in Mary Poppins
32   Satire’s Target?
35   Unity in Tea

2015 [LINK]

6     Should Yaoi Die?
9     Joining ISIS
12   How We Think of Mentally Ill Prisoners
14   Planned Obsolescence
16   Messages From Wonderland
18   Is Nuclear Power a Long-Term Solution?
20   Black Pete: A Dutch Controversy
22   Somebody Is Watching
24   A Plotless Crash in Los Angeles?
26   Is YouTube Successful Because It’s Free?
30   The Ethics of Hereditary Religion
34   A Japanese Solution to America’s Water Shortage
36   Animations Mirror the Minds of Youth
39   1984 Rewind
41   Discrimination in Business

2014 [LINK]

6    Moral Panic: Is Japan Becoming More Dangerous?
9    Legalizing Prostitution in Japan
12   Women and Fear in Carrie
14   Who Cares for Ancient Art?
16   Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
18   The Case for Compulsory Voting
20   Buying War
22   Communitarianism and the Anti-Veil Law in France
24   How Does Rent Imply Social Problems in the East Village?
26   The Possibilities of Arts in a Postcolonial World
30   Why Do People Participate in Social Movements?