Lab Rules

All ALESS projects need to be submitted and approved by the ALESS Safety Form System before you start your research. Please follow the instructions given by your ALESS teacher when deciding on a project. When planning your ALESS project, take in consideration the instructions below:

  1. Place for implementation: ALESS projects can be done at home, or on campus. You cannot perform experiments in public spaces (like parks, or city venues).
  2. Duration: aim for a project that can be completed within 4 weeks.
  3. Materials: Always consult with your ALESS teacher before making decisions on what materials to use in your project. You cannot use any material borrowed from other laboratories/ organizations in your project. You are also not allowed to buy chemicals for experiments. Experiments with animals are not allowed. You may use plants, as long as they are not collected from public and private spaces. Investigations with human subjects (ex. Surveys) should be taken under consent of the participants and with enough caution towards personal data handling.
  4. Planning: Plan ahead your projects, paying attention to details like schedule, resources availability, and goals to be achieved. Unplanned outcomes are common in scientific investigations, so be aware that your schedule might not match your expectations. Don’t leave assignments to the last minute.

Shall you have any questions, contact the ALESS Lab Manager:

Dr. Elisa Ruiz-Tada –

Consultation Hours

Mon: 12:00-13:00
Tues: 12:00-14:45
Wed: 12:00-14:45
Thu: 閉室日
: 12:00-13:00